Everyone Archives offers workshops, resources, and social opportunities for people working on archiving projects outside of major institutions. 

What is Everyone Archives

Everyone Archives is a community organization supporting and celebrating the archiving projects of people working outside of major institutions. Everyone Archives offers workshops, resources, and social opportunities that center around archiving and preservation. 

Everyone Archives believes that each and every person has a relationship to archiving. Whether you are researching the history of your neighbourhood, organizing a music library, tracing bits of your family’s origin story, collecting recipes, or stressing about the limited storage on your phone, you are an archivist. We all have a stake in the project of archiving. Archiving makes sense of the world and determines what stories are carried between generations. 

Our programming uses archiving as a vehicle for intercultural, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary community-building. Right now, we offer: 

As Everyone Archives gains momentum over time, we hope to offer:

When is the next EA event? 

Learn about upcoming events via our Events page.

How is Everyone Archives funded?

Everyone Archives is currently self-funded. In the future, we hope to find additional support through grants and donations. 

Where can I find more archiving resources?

Find archiving resources via our Resources page.

How do I contact you?

Find contact information via our Contact page.